Peach Season 

Schnepf Farms has been growing peaches for over 50 years. We grow 8 different varieties that ripen at different times throughout the month of May. Some peaches are small, some medium and some larger, depending on the variety. Please know the variety you are purchasing or picking prior to arriving at the farm. All peach sales are FINAL. Mother Nature will determine specific dates for peaches. 

HOURS: Thursdays – Sundays 8:00am – 4pm 


***Peach availability will not be listed until crew has finished picking. You will not be able to order until that is complete. Typically between 3 and 4pm

1. Go online to and place order for baked goods, bottled product, garden, flowers and peaches.

2. Drive to the farm the next day and follow signs to curbside pick up.

– First stop is the Bakery & Country store (Here you will pick up pies, cinnamon rolls, bottled product and more.) – The Store & Bakery is also open to walk in.

– 2nd stop is either Peaches or Garden (Here you will pick up peaches, flowers, and veggies.)

Follow signs and EXIT\ onto CLOUD ROAD


Only certain orchards will be available for UPICK because of their size and the amount of peaches. All UPICK will be limited. Only a certain number if vehicles will be allowed in the orchard during a 1.5 hour block. (We ask that you allow others to UPICK if you have already had the opportunity.)

2) Reservation tickets are opened 24-72 hours before the actual date of UPICK due to the readiness of each orchard. No reservations will be made more than 1 weeks from the date of UPICK. If the ticket site says “NO TICKETS AVAILABLE” This means we have NOT OPENED tickets for this date. If the ticket site says “SOLD OUT” This means tickets are sold out.
3) Please bring your reservation QR code on the selected date. Once onsite, 24810 S. Rittenhouse Rd, Queen Creek 85142, please follow the directional signage to the Peach Orchards or Parking Attendant.
4) We provide boxes free of charge for your UPICK peaches! Grab a box and pick to your heart’s desire.
5) Once you’ve picked your batch, head over to the pop up tent, weigh and pay station!
6) Bring your peaches home, depending on ripeness, please enjoy them within 24 – 72 hours!





Bakery and Curbside pick up Phone: 480-376-0733



UPICK Peaches

1st Variety – Snow Angle – A medium orchard with small to medium size peaches.  White peaches do not have any acid and are full of sugars.

2nd  Variety – Florida Prince – a medium sized peach and one of our largest orchards.

3rd variety – Earligrand – the largest peach grown on the farm.

4th variety – Springcrest – a medium size peach  and very flavorful.

5th variety – Florida King – It doesn’t live up to it’s name because it is a smaller peach, but is juicy and sweet.

7th variety – Princess Peach – a newer variety , a small orchard, but is very sweet

8th variety – Schnepf Peach – A medium size peach that continues to impress.

Nectarines – will only be available to purchase in bakery or garden center

We are sorry, NO Apricots this year.

Queen Creek

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UPICK will be available on a limited basis and by reservations. Mother Nature will determine when we open for UPICK, so please be patient. Thank you so much!

Listen on what to look for when picking your perfect peach!

How to Pick a Peach

How to Pick a Peach

Please NOTE …Availability is affected by Mother Nature.