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Thursdays-Sundays 9am-4pm


Open Thursday-Sunday


U-PICK Peach Orchards CLOSED for the season. 

There will be NO PEACH FESTIVAL this year!


Peaches from Schnepf Farms have been named and featured in Wine Spectator Magazine as the best in the country and for over 50 years, the Schnepfs have continued to extend their season by planting more orchards with different varieties. Peaches like Earligrande, Springcrest, Florida Prince , Florida King are all popular varieties that grow extremely well in the Desert climate.

Our Peach Season begins before any other location in the Country.  Its an incredible season that lasts 6 to 7 weeks! So if you are a peach lover, then plan accordingly because all different varieties ripen at different times.

We provide bags & boxes

Peach Picking Details

  • You can drive to the farm and follow signs to the orchard.
  • Please be respectful while in the orchard and careful where you walk. The ground is uneven. ***Also what you pick is what you pay for, and if you think you have picked too many, please don’t leave boxes out in the orchards. The peach crop is very important to our farm and once picked, you cannot replace the fruit for an entire year. Thank you.
  • We have peaches already picked available out in the orchard. Please follow signs to orchard.
  • PLEASE DRIVE to the orchards. Some times the orchards are on the other side of the farm and you don’t want to carry boxes back.
  • You can pay out in orchard with ccard or cash.
  • Peaches are sold by the pound $2.30lb if u-pick, $3.00lb if we pick. Boxes of already picked peaches are $25 or $30 for earligrande.
  • Mother Nature does play a major role, if it’s hot, peaches ripen faster. So we cannot guarantee anything to do with Mother Nature.

Peach Varieties

1st Variety  – Super Lady – very small orchard, but peaches are juicy & sweet. CLOSED picked out.

2nd Variety – Snow Angle – A medium orchard with small to medium size peaches.  White peaches do not have any acid and are full of sugars. CLOSED picked out.

3rd  Variety – Florida Prince – a medium sized peach and one of our largest orchards. Open Thursday May 9th. Open For 2 to 3 weekends! PLEASE watch the video to your right on “How to pick the peach and the color.” You don’t want to pick GREEN peaches they will not ripen.

4th variety – Earligrand – the largest peach grown on the farm and is typically saved for picking during the Peach Festival. Open possibly May 16th or 17th.

5th variety – Springcrest – a medium size peach  and very flavorful.

6th variety – Florida King – It doesn’t live up to it’s name because it is a smaller peach, but is juicy and sweet.

7th variety – Princess Peach – a newer variety that we are trying out and is very sweet

8th variety – Schnepf Peach – A medium size peach and continues to impress.

Other Varieties also available

Nectarines – Next to the Peach Orchard

White Nectarines

Katy Apricots – early variety of apricot

Queen Creek

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How to Pick a Peach

Listen on what to look for when picking your perfect peach!

How to Pick a Peach

How to Pick a Peach

Please NOTE …Availability is affected by Mother Nature.