Peach Picking expected to begin May 8th, a little late this year, but worth the wait.

Schnepf Farms Peaches have been named the best in the country by Wine Spectator Magazine.

The Schnepf’s have been growing peaches for over 50 years. We grow 8 different varieties that ripen at different times throughout the month of May. The peaches grown on the farm are the perfect varieties and do very well in the Arizona dry climate.

All peach sales will be done by online order/pickup and U-pick.

WE DO NOT take orders over the phone.

  1. ONLINE ORDERING for veggies, baked goods and store are still available:  – For questions: Please email

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Phone: 480-987-3100

Peach Varieties

1st Variety – Snow Angle – A medium orchard with small to medium size peaches.  White peaches do not have any acid and are full of sugars.

2nd  Variety – Florida Prince – a medium sized peach and one of our largest orchards.

3rd variety – Earligrand – the largest peach grown on the farm.

4th variety – Springcrest – a medium size peach  and very flavorful.

5th variety – Florida King – It doesn’t live up to it’s name because it is a smaller peach, but is juicy and sweet.

7th variety – Princess Peach – a newer variety that we are trying out and is very sweet

8th variety – Schnepf Peach – A medium size peach that continues to impress.

Other Varieties also available

Nectarines – Next to the Peach Orchard

White Nectarines The Nectarines did not produce this year.

Katy Apricots – We are sorry, crop failure on apricots.

Queen Creek

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How to Pick a Peach…Due to Covid19 Restrictions, no UPICK will be available.

Listen on what to look for when picking your perfect peach!

How to Pick a Peach

How to Pick a Peach

Please NOTE …Availability is affected by Mother Nature.