24610 S Rittenhouse Rd
Thursdays-Sundays 8am-4pm

School Tours


Lasts 1.5hours and usually starts at 10am

Educational Tours

Vegetable Picking “Where does your food come from?”

Come to the farm for hands-on experience as a vegetable farmer

This tour requires at least 25 people and includes:

  • greeted by a tour leader
  • A guided hay ride telling the history of the farm (established in 1941)
  • Visiting the animals and learning how important they are at the petting barn
  • learning the  important things you need to have if you were going to become a vegetable farmer –
  • A trip out to the garden to pick your own veggies to take home.

Admission: $7.00 per person. Teacher free per class.  2 parent helpers free

Time: The tour will last 1 1/2 hours. Arrival time is 10am (we can schedule earlier if needed) . There are plenty of tables to enjoy your lunches and a fun play yard.


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Pumpkin Picking Field Trip!

Enjoy a field trip to the farm during Arizona’s BEST Fall Festival, The Pumpkin & Chili Party. Due to the interest and excitement generated around attending the Fall fun event, the farm will be very strict about siblings attending with students. Please note only under special circumstances will it be allowed. Students have limited time on the farm and we want to make sure everyone will get a chance to do as much as they can.

  • Cost: $12.00 per person.  1 Teacher free per class –  please inquire if you have a special needs class. 5 parents free on groups of 40 or more. 1 parent helper and 1 teacher free for groups under 40. Due to limited space, siblings will only be allowed to join this field trip if approved by the school and Schnepf Farms.
  • Time: Schools may arrive as early as 9:30am and no later than 11am Departure time any time before 3pm
  • Includes unlimited rides on roller coaster, corn maze, honeybee, road rally, train jumping pillows, carousel, rock wall, mini golf and more.
  • Don’t miss events: Hillbilly Bob’s Pig Races,  and Extreme Canine Dog Show
  • Lunch: public schools may bring their own lunch, you will have assigned picnic  table seating.
  • Return: we know that some times students don’t get enough time to spend doing everything, if they want to come back with other family members or friends, please get hand stamped for re-entry the same day at no charge.


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Home school Day: please call or email the farm office to schedule your home school group. this must be an accredited home school group to receive any discount and must have a minimum of 20 people attending. One organizer will receive complimentary admission. please be sure that the organizer has your names (that is your entry). All names will be left at front admission will call for entry. No other dates are available for home school discounts.

Preschool Discount Days:   due to the age of the children and how busy the event gets the last 3 weeks, we can only offer this special discount of $12 per child on this date. All pre-schools must have a minimum number of 20  people attending for this rate.


  • Upon arrival have paperwork prepared with the correct number of children and adults who are with you. Have your PO attached and any funds you have gathered from others in your group, she will Deliver it to exit for payment. All payments will be made at the EXIT.
  • On the ride over tell your group leaders what time you will be meeting for lunch, that way no one is waiting for instruction on the farm.
  • Schools will be responsible for bringing in your own lunches. We will have wagons available, but no gators. (apologies).
  • The tour leader will walk you in and show you where you reserved area will be for lunch. She will give you maps and the rest is up to you. there will be no more instruction from our staff at that point… Just let your children and parent helpers start enjoying the farm and activities.